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New Titleist Driver

I’m really excited about the new Titleist 910 model drivers (with fairway metals and hybrids to follow). While they are not available as yet for the public, PGA Tour professionals are now getting fitted and seeded with their versions of the new product, and I’m sure tweaks will continue as the company counts down to public release this fall.

I’ve been using the “old” technology in the 909 family of metal woods from Titleist for the last two years, and while I really like what I carry now, it’s the new stuff that you want to put into play as quickly as possible. Part of that has to do with our unforgiving search for a few extra yards, a few more fairways hit and the confidence that comes when you know the technology is helping you…not controlling you.

Once I get my hands on the new driver for testing, I’ll weigh in with my observations. For now, I’ll look for the “spy photos” and various videos popping up around the web. Already, a number of Titleist tour ambassadors have agreed to carry the new club in their bags during upcoming events.

One thing is for certain…new golf equipment that was slated for 2011 roll-outs is being moved up into the second half of 2010 to seek a competitive first-mover advantage and to perhaps get a small pop in sales in the 2010  holiday quarter.