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Powering Power Trade Media

Early in 2009, the owners of Power Trade Media posted an opening for a senior executive to join the firm and act as an interim CEO. We had a couple of discussions about the role, but I did not feel that I could add enough value to the very small company to justify a full-time position with them, especially with the “interim” label. I had already been engaged by Communication Links to work 3-4 days a week as Chief Digital Officer leading their analog-to-digitial transition, so there just didn’t appear to be a way to fit in the expectations the PTM owners had with my inability to work full-time.

But, one of the great lessons I continue to learn in life is…think outside the box. In this case, what the company needed more than a day-to-day executive to run the company (due to the owners hands-on management style) was someone to stimulate a fresh way of thinking about its need to transition from traditional print media subscriptions and B2B advertising revenue to a greater presence in the digital world. For those of you who’ve spent any time dealing with similar challenges, you know that sometimes these things go well. Other times, well…let me say they can get derailed all too rapidly because “traditionalists” aren’t usually very comfortable with bits, bytes, CSS, PHP and XHTML.

But, with the support of the Power Trade Media owners, I joined two days a week as “chief digital consultant” to focus on transforming two very old Web 1.0 sites into state-of-the-art Web 2.0 platforms, and to launch two new classified ad web platforms as well. My one year engagement ended in December 2010, so I thought it would be beneficial to write about that experience.

More to come………