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U.S. Internet Speeds — Slow and Expensive?

As someone who has worked with several of Silicon Valley’s best-known companies during my time in the tech sector, I learned early on that browser developers, Cloud-based service providers, App developers and anyone building next generation web access platforms are at the mercy of those who hold the keys to our technology future.

Windows XP Is Dead!

Windows XP has been one of Microsoft’s most popular and longest-serving operating systems. Launched with great fanfare in late 2001, Windows XP at its peak was running on almost 800 million PCs worldwide. Windows XP was replaced by Windows Vista in 2007, Windows 7 in 2009 and Windows 8 in 2012. The key point is that Windows XP has been significantly surpassed by next-generation Windows operating systems three times since 2007, and that implies that most PC users are no longer using Windows XP.

Digital Media Passes TV Viewing

What if I told you the average consumer today spends more time using their digital devices than they do watching television? The amazing fact is that 10 years ago most people would have said: “What’s a digital device?” And, 5 years ago, most people would have answered: “No way!”

Missing Social Posts and Tweets

Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms play a non-transparent game with your social media posts and tweets. It is based on a highly complex thesis that their algorithmic learning engines can determine what a Facebook or Twitter user will LIKELY find relevant and, therefore, what they will wish to read. We’ve known this behavioral […]

Newspapers — Down & Out?

Here’s a fun game you can play that will prove a point I want to make. In fact, I’ve played this game in the Scottsdale neighborhood to which my wife and I moved this past summer, and I was amazed by the revelation. As you go for an early morning walk with the dog, take a dawn jog, or as you drive down the street on your way to work, here’s the simple task: count the number of neighborhood homes you pass with at least one newspaper laying in the driveway.

Is Your World Disrupted?

Over the last year, I know I’ve taken a few shots at “traditional” media because, quite frankly, most print media forms are on their way to their final resting places and they just don’t know it yet. An automobile junkyard is a fine analogy!

Online Advertising Surge

Advertising dollars in the media business have had some very good years, while some…well, let’s just put it out there…some have been down-right abysmal. After working in the broadcast, magazine publishing and digital media sectors at various times over the last several decades, I’ve come to appreciate and welcome even the smallest of economic markers pointing to a new burst of growth. When it comes to online advertising dollars, the growth curve is dramatic.

iPad Re-energizes Publishing

The heartland of technology innovation…Silicon Valley…was home for almost 20 years. I not only worked inside publishing companies that covered the technology sector, but I also went onto the other side and ran a major technology company, as well as a venture capital-backed pre-YouTube streaming media company that was just ahead of its time.

Steve Jobs – iGenius

In the spring of 1984, I left Ziff-Davis’ Computer Publishing Division in New York and moved to Northern California to join IDG’s PCW Communications, handling advertising sales for PC World and this 2-issue old magazine called Macworld. I was fascinated from the beginning because of the back story on how the magazine was created, by the creative nature of how it was produced and by its larger trim size (we called it Fortune-size because it mirrored the trim size of Fortune Magazine at that time).

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