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Digital Transformation

The consumption of all types of media forms has not decreased over the last few years as some have reported. Rather, the push platforms of television, radio and print media have evolved radically into many different pull platforms…computers, pads and mobile-based Smartphones, along with time-shifting devices like TiVo and Slingbox. With consumers now fully in charge of managing their own downloads and carrying media with them…whether from city to city, home to office or even room to room…the freedom consumers now have is not only invigorating, but it unleashes an even greater rate of consumption for every conceivable media form. What it has done for the traditional ‘broadcast’ media sector is nothing short of astonishing.

The advent of cinema-quality LCD large-screen flat panels in the home media center, and the recent high-resolution, Internet-connected mobile devices like the iPad, have altered the ultimate experience and put consumers totally in charge.