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History of Sonoran Links

I’ve spent 25 years as CEO of consumer and B2B media companies (mostly in the technology sector, including 15 years at IDG), and served as Senior Vice President at AOL and General Manager of its Netscape Division. I also led a pre-YouTube streaming media start-up funded by venture capital and several strategic corporate investors in Japan.

The experience of dealing with “old” and “new” ways of creating, editing and distributing media content gives me a pretty good perspective on where content publishers and content consumers are headed. What I’m doing in my everyday life is to ensure that these paths intersect…not diverge. As a result, I’ve been able to work very closely with two local companies on their business models since leaving Sunshine Media (Scottsdale) in 2008. With some wind in our sails and some clever strategic tacking, we should weather these transformations very well.

This website/personal blog is for my friends, colleagues and other interested people who might find a nugget or two in these posts. It is is also a site on which I experiment with new plug-ins, new media embeds, twists on social interaction and engagement, alterations of the underlying CSS and every once in awhile I’ll tweak the PHP the wrong way…so things break! If you don’t mind watching the sausage get made, this is the place for you:-) I trust you’ll send along your comments…whether you agree or disagree with the sentiments on the site. This digital forum is the perfect example of social interaction…enabling us to learn more from each other.

One final note: I’m an avid golfer in The World’s Finest Golf Destination (as our local convention and visitors bureau intones). The area around Phoenix and Scottsdale is called the Sonoran Desert. Sonoran Links takes its name from the desert and the “links” pun is one that perhaps only I find amusing. Links can either be hypertext links so synonymous with the Internet, or golf links. I’ll let you decide which is more appropriate 🙂

If my website had a sub-title, it would be Golf and Life in the Arizona Desert. I love it here in the Sonoran Desert, and digital access is not geographically challenging. You CAN live and work (and GOLF) just about anywhere. For me, the Greater Phoenix area is a pretty good place to be.