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Life in the Sonoran Desert

Life in the Sonoran Desert is challenging, just as it is in virtually all parts of the United States. We have weather extremes, a monsoon season (short though it may be), “dry heat,” and a desert landscape that is recognizable to many through the movies.

But, while many visitors think we only have flat, dry dusty deserts, they are surprised by our craggy mountain peaks all over the Greater Phoenix Area that have funny names: Four Peaks, Superstition Mountains, Camelback, Mummy Mountain, Squaw Peak and Pinnacle Peak. Drive from mid-Scottsdale to far North Scottsdale (about 20 miles), and you top 3,000 feet in elevation and you will have a spectacular day or nighttime view of the valley floor.

Weather aside, living and working in the Sonoran Desert has many benefits.